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About StoryBuilder

"The task of a writer consists of being able to make something out of an idea." -Thomas Mann


You have the imagination. You can find story ideas everywhere: in people and scenes from everyday life, in the news, in your musings. Right now, your characters are waiting to act and speak. And you know you have the flair for words to bring them to life.

But effective fiction needs more than style and imagination. Your stories need believable characters with meaningful problems, sensual settings, and gripping plots, all seamlessly woven together, in order to entertain and move your audience.

Now there's a tool to help. StoryBuilder lends structure to your premise, and helps you build a solid foundation for your story. You can write faster, easier, and better. Best of all, it's fun. Mistakes aren't costly, and false starts won' t fill your waste basket. You're free to change and revise, to take chances, and to experiment- to find the story only you can tell.

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StoryBuilder contains dozens of templates, with more than a hundred story elements to build your story's problems, characters, settings and plot.

Many of these templates contain lists of choices, with thousands of suggestions to help eliminate writer's block.

Filling in these templates creates a story plan or outline. Working from the outline, you'll know your characters and their problems, what happens as they try to solve them, and how your story comes out- all before you set word to paper.


Create compelling problems that will keep your readers on the edge of their chairs.

Develop meaningful goals and motives for your story's characters, and create lively opposition to prevent them from reaching their desires.

StoryBuilder even helps you find resolutions to satisfy any story ending.


Create vibrant characters your readers will believe in and care about.

StoryBuilder helps you explore every important aspect of your characters, from appearance to motivation to vices.


Develop fascinating plots that hold your reader's attention to the very end of your tale.

StoryBuilder helps the plot emerge naturally from your story problems and characters.


StoryBuilder gives you tools for every aspect of story development.

Information for many genres is at your fingertips.

There are aids for character development... make your characters come alive.

Master Plots contains ready-made plot outlines...

to jump-start your story's plot.

All the major dramatic situations are at your fingertips.

Hundreds of stock scenes, common to many stories, are organized for easy reference.

Key Questions focus on each aspect of your story development.

Extensive help is always at your fingertips. There's also a comprehensive manual with a tutorial.

Computer Aided Design for fiction writers.

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Unlock the mystery inside you...
Or the romance...
or spy thriller.

Whether you write short stories, novels or plays, now there's intelligent software that helps you create the story only you can tell.


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We guarantee StoryBuilder will make your writing easier or your money back. StoryBuilder costs only $129.95, shipping and handling included.




To order, call toll-free anytime:


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Copyrightę 1996-1998 by Seven Valleys Software, Glen Rock, PA.